Who is Saryn Prime?

Saryn Prime is the advanced version of Saryn who is a significant fighter when it comes to melee combat. This new version of Saryn was released on the 16th of February, in the year of 2016. She is the first Warframe, in history, to be introduced through a cinematic lore video. Saryn Prime was announced to be vaulted in the Prime Vault on the 12th of December 2017 and, since she was vaulted, Saryn Prime cannot be obtained through the process of farming.
Saryn v. Saryn Prime: How is she better?
Saryn Prime comes with better features, such as, higher capacity in terms of energy, better sprint speed, more polarity and possesses a more advanced armour than before. As compared to its previous version, Saryn Prime’s armour has increased 75 points. You can easily observe for yourself, as to how much Saryn has improved in her new variant as Saryn Prime from the table below.
Polarity Energy Capacity Sprint Speed Armour
Saryn Naramon and Vazarin (health, armour and defense)
150 to 225 0.95 225
Saryn Prime Naramon, Vazarin (health, armour and defense) and Madurai (Powers and damage) 200 to 300 1.0 300

Saryn Prime has a special ability which allows her to produce 250 energy to her nearby allies without any resistance. But, this is only possible when she comes in contact with an Orokin Void Death Orb. Furthermore, this power can only come into force once per one Orokin Void Death Orb and applies to those Death Orbs as well, who have been destroyed previously.
Just like Volt Prime, Saryn Prime also possesses the highest energy capacity as compared to the other Warframes that are a part of the game. At rank 0, she can produce up to 200 energy and at rank 30, her energy capacity is 300. Not only this but, Saryn Prime’s energy capacity can also be increased up to 600 in case of Maxed Flow. However, with a Primed Flow it can be increased up to 850 points and 880 with Endurance Drift and Primed Flow combined.
What does Saryn Prime look like?
Just like Mirage Prime, Nova Prime and Trinity Prime she also has a distinct look as compared to the other Warframes in the game. Saryn Prime has an extra violet hue added to her face and her thighs which is not commonly found in other Warframes.
Stats of Saryn Prime:
These are the stats of Saryn Prime at a Mastery Level of 0.
⦁ Health: 125 which can increase up to 375 at her maximum rank.
⦁ Energy: 200 and can increase up to 300 as her rank mastery level or rank increases.
⦁ Shield: 100 and will go up to 300 at her maximum rank.
⦁ Polarity: V, -D
⦁ Sprint Speed: 1.0
⦁ Aura: D
What are the manufacturing requirements of Saryn Prime?
To manufacture Saryn Prime, you need at the very least 72 hours. However, you also have the choice to rush it. The image below explains the requirements of manufacturing Saryn Prime.
What is the price of Saryn Prime?
Saryn Prime will cost you up to 200 Platinum average. You can averagely buy Saryn Prime from the Warframe Market (warframe.market). However, we recommend you to buy Saryn Prime as soon as you can because, she is not going to return nor will you be able to obtain Saryn Prime from any drop locations.